Setup Voicemail Drops

The goal of this tutorial is to provide Users instructions on how to set up a Voicemail Drop.


Voicemail Drops are pre-recorded greetings that auto play when a call leads to a prospect’s voicemail.


  • Team Member
  • Team Lead

How to Create a Voicemail Drop

  1. Select User from the Toolbar
  2. Click Phone then Voicemail Drop
  3. Click Add
  4. Create a Voicemail Label
  5. Click Record Voicemail to begin your voicemail greeting
  6. Click Save Voicemail or Re-record if you need another take
    • An alert will appear confirming you successfully saved your voicemail drop greeting.

  • Select the menu options icon to adjust playback speed or download your voicemail
  1. Check Active to turn on your voicemail drop
  2. Check Autoplay to drop greeting when you select Voicemail from a call that is not answered

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