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Integrate Outreach (Admin)

By connecting Upmarket and Outreach using the native Outreach integration, users have the ability to pull Outreach phone tasks into Upmarket, complete the task, and update the task sequence step to move the contact to the next step in the sequence.

Connect to Outreach

  1. Go to Users > Integrations. Under the Outreach section, click “Sign in” and you will be redirected to log into Outreach.

Outreach Fields

When connecting Outreach to Upmarket, authenticated users can pull data and push updates to Outreach. The integration is a native integration and does not require additional configuration from administrators. Please review the table below for additional details on the specific fields.

Note: Data pulled from Outreach is not stored, it is used only to complete phone tasks.


Account data is used to populate task data in Upmarket

FieldRequiredData DirectionDetails
idYesTo UpmarketID
customIdTo UpmarketCustomer ID
nameYesTo UpmarketName
descriptionTo UpmarketAccount Description
websiteUrlTo UpmarketAccount website


Call data is used to update completed call tasks in Outreach

FieldRequiredData DirectionDetails
completedAtTo OutreachCall Completed (Date)
answeredAtTo OutreachCall Answered (Date)
directionTo OutreachCall Direction (“Inbound” / “Outbound”)
outcomeTo OutreachOutcome (“Answered” / “Not Answered”)
toTo OutreachCall To (Phone Number)
fromTo OutreachCall From (Phone Number)
noteTo OutreachNote

Call Disposition

Call Disposition data is used to populate available dispositions in Upmarket

FieldRequiredData DirectionDetails
nameYesTo UpmarketName
outcomeYesTo UpmarketCall Outcome (“Answered”/”Not Answered”)


Prospect data is used to populate call tasks in Upmarket

FieldRequiredData DirectionDetails
idYesTo UpmarketId
nameYesTo UpmarketName
companyTo UpmarketCompany Name
externalIdTo UpmarketExternal Id
titleTo UpmarketProspect Title


Task data is used to populate task data in Upmarket and to update completed task state in Outreach.

FieldRequiredData DirectionDetails
idYesTo UpmarketID
taskTypeYesTo UpmarketTask Type
dueAtTo UpmarketTask Due Date
stateYesBothTask State

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