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Add Fields and Edit Layouts

The goal of this tutorial is to show you how add Fields and edit Layouts in Upmarket


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How To Add Fields 

  1. Select the Settings tab from the Toolbar
  2. Select Fields under Configuration 
  3. Choose the section you want a field added to: 
    • Account, Contact, Lead, Name, Task
  4. Click Add Field 
  5. Enter a Field Name and choose the corresponding variable type:
    • STRING: an ordered sequences of characters
    • ID: a unique identifier
    • INTEGER: a data type used to represent real numbers that do not have fractional values
    • BOOL: a value that is either true or false
    • TEXTAREA: a string that is more than 30 characters
    • PICKLIST: a list of options
  6. Click Create

How To Edit Layouts

You can change the order of fields for layouts in Upmarket including Accounts, Opportunities, or the Complete Call pop-up.

  1. Select Layouts under Configuration 
  2. Select a Record Type from the drop down to house the field: 
    • Account, Contact, Complete Call, Objections, Opportunity 
  3. Select the Field from the drop down list and click Add
    • Check the box next to the field to make it required
    • Click the up or down arrow to move the fields position in the selected record type 
  4. Click Save

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